Photo of Elkin Municipal Airport runway. Current projects include runway extensions and runway safety area extensions.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are in the background. 

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Elkin, North Carolina!

Take one last peak at the great things going on in Elkin, from festivals to winery events, community gatherings,  and more!

This site is a comprehensive information "hangout" of sorts, where you'll find everything you'll need to know about Elkin:

1) Residents-Learn more about weekly events and live music. See photos of events you missed and read about new businesses you may not know of yet. Read the "Heritage, Residents, News" page to learn about positive, inspiring things that organizations and residents in Elkin are doing.

2) Newcomers to Elkin- Learn about the area, see your new neighbors enjoying local events (we hope to see you there next time!), and find website links that will give you information about Elkin and the surrounding area.

3) Visitors to Elkin- Learn where to find Elkin's best lodging, restaurants, live entertainment, distinctive wineries, shops, spas, and learn where great adventures await...all within minutes of where you are staying. Don't sit in your hotel room, get out and explore! 

4) Weddings in the Yadkin Valley- If you are planning a wedding in the Yadkin Valley, please visit the Planning Weddings/Parties page. It is like a website within a website...full of great contacts to help you plan a wedding or party here. Information from Wedding Planners to Vineyards, Lodging, Photographers, Confectioners, and so much more!

Remember, the best thing we can do for our town is to support the local programs and events so they will continue to keep our area thriving and busier than ever! Please feel free to write a story to submit, send a photograph, email us with comments or suggestions, or tell us about a friend or family member who has a great accomplishment. We love quirky stories and history, so if it's about Elkin, we would love to share it with your neighbors.

Lastly, if we missed your occasion on the Calendar of Events, please let us know so that we may add it!  And if you cannot find the information you are looking for on this site, just ask and we will do our best to answer any questions you have (use the Contact Us form below).

What's up in Elkin? Take a just might say, "Who knew there is so much to do?!"

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Comments from readers:

"I didn't know about your website but I am emailing it to all of my EHS Class of 1961 classmates. We just had our 50th reunion 3 weeks ago and some were here from out of state, and they will like keeping up with Elkin. Thanks for the good work." -Sara C.

"Was just sent a link to your website. I must say, I am very impressed, not only by how comprehensive the site is, but also by your different approach. The site certainly stands out in an exploding sea of info and events websites. I hope and trust you will be successful." -Steve M.

"Great website...overdue for Elkin area. Thought I kept up with things but just heard about it today...keep up the good work!" -Harry S.

"What a great site you have!! Thank you- We don't subscribe to the newspaper so we miss a lot of the local events, but not anymore. I have book-marked your site!" - Tony S.

"Great site! Amazing! I am planning a spring break trip to the beach but plan on spending some time in Elkin before and after the beach. Thanks for the inspiration!" -Wendy S. (Ohio resident)

"Hello! I am currently a Winston-Salem resident, but I LOVE Elkin! My family and I used to visit my grandfather there nearly every summer when I was a child growing up in CT. After his passing in the mid-80's, I did not return to Elkin until last year at the request of my 17-year-old daughter, who wanted to see the place I always talked so fondly about. During that first brief return visit, I fell totally in love with Elkin and felt a strong connection there. I plan to make Elkin my home with the next couple of years. I came across this website on a flyer at the library there during a recent visit, and just wanted to say THANK YOU! This site makes me feel even more connected to my "hometown". I hope everyone appreciates you as much as I do and this site remains active forever! Thanks again!" -Luster V.

If you can't find the information you are looking for on this website, please send your questions and we will gladly help you find your answer! Fill out Contact Us below... We'll usually reply within 24 hours.

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