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Richard Gwyn Museum

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Sunday, September 25, 2011,

(photo and story told by NC ECHO online site)
Elkin's founder, Richard Gwyn, built Gwyn School-Elkin Chapel around 1850 so his family and other settlers on the north side of the Yadkin River would not have to cross the river to attend church and school in Jonesville. The building is the oldest in Surry County to have been used as either a church or school. Threatened by demolition in 1953, it was saved by the Jonathan Hunt Chapter of the D.A.R. with the assistance of Chatham Manufacturing Comp...

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Long before Europeans

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Wednesday, September 7, 2011,
(from the book, Elkin 1889-1989 A Centennial History, available for purchase at Elkin Town Hall)
Archaeologists believe that primitive nomadic hunters lived in this area 10,000 years ago. These Paleo-Indians were game hunters that followed herds of mammoth, horses and bison. Some historians believe that the Indian settlements in the Piedmont were the earliest in North Carolina.  

Sioux Indian settlements along the Yadkin River existed as early as 500 BC, and by the mid-eighteenth century there...

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Articles about Elkin

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