Elkin businessman, Steve Royal, runs for NC Treasurer

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Saturday, April 28, 2012 Under: Elkin residents make news

Steve Royal is a local Elkin businessman and accountant who has decided to run for North Carolina Treasurer. He is a registered Republican, but that is not what's important. Many times people are too concerned with a label or get taken in by a flashy campaign, and they fail to look at the person, their qualifications, and what they are really passionate about. Many politicians are just that, nothing more than a figurehead without the experience needed. However, Royal is very concerned about the economic condition of the state he was born and raised in (NC), he has plenty of accounting experience (he does this for a living, and is not a career politician) and is passionate about economics and getting North Carolina's budget back on track. He is running as a reformer, nothing else. He is not accepting "big money" donations to run his campaign, but he is asking for folks to help him by volunteering their time on May 8th to get the word out about him at the polls. His opponent was interviewed recently, and was asked why he was running for this office, and he stated it was a good opportunity for him. Steve Royal is running because he is an accountant who says he understands how to get North Carolina's budget back on track with years of experience as a CPA. Not many politicians can say that they have hands on experience, as some may only be schooled in archaic economic theory. Besides the fact he is proud to be from the Elkin area, he is passionate about getting the state in order. These are crazy economic times, and when the past cannot be used to predict the future, you have to think outside of the box. This is what he understands more than most. Take the time to look at his website at www.royalfortreasurer.com. He has stated he will run for one term, as this is all is should take anybody to get the job done. He is also on FB under Steve Royal for Treasurer.  

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