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Posted by Laura Gaylord on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Under: Future plans for Elkin

Old postcard of West Elkin and Jonesville from EVTA

If you aren't aware yet, the Elkin Valley Trails Association (EVTA) has a fantastic vision for future trails in Elkin, along the Yadkin River and a section of Crater Park. The EVTA has been given the OK by Elkin's Board of Commissioners to begin the process which would create paths for cyclists and hikers along the Yakin River (Elkin's side) and a camping area at Crater Park specifically for canoe and kayak enthusiasts who wish to stop and make camp for the night in Elkin. Along with a designated area for these campers, there will be information kiosks that will inform these travelers where they can walk in the downtown area to find restaurants, pharmacies, and shops. The long-term plan is to continue from the Elkin Riverfront to 1-77 and also connect with Jonesville trails projects. The Steering Committee Members were: Bill Blackley, Adam McComb and Mark Fowlkes, who presented the concept last Monday evening at Town Hall.

The EVTA also asks the community to collect Elkin and Jonesville history along with donating any old bricks or timber. “Save any old bricks, stones and timbers for benches, rails or platforms,” Blackley said. “Save any piece of Elkin Valley history you come across for the time when Elkin has a more visible museum like Jonesville has.” (quoted from the Tribune)

You can learn more about the EVTA at  http://evtasurry.wordpress.com/ if you are interested in volunteering your time to help in future developments, or have any further questions. There is contact information for Bill Blackley on the website.

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