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Posted by Laura Gaylord c/o Town of Elkin on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Under: Explore Elkin Events
Last night, May 2nd, was the first roundtable discussion about the Chatham Property. The attendees were asked for input about the mill and were also provided an update by the company who is doing the deconstruction of the Chatham Mill property. They were shown how the removal of the main building facing Hwy 268 will provide an enhanced area with green space for the remaining buildings to be developed.

Next Tuesday, May 9th, will be the topic of Housing and Population Growth for Elkin. Many who look for a place in Elkin to live have a hard time finding upscale apartment living. Rental housing also goes very quickly and sometimes the only options are to either buy a house or live outside of Elkin.  Many wish to live near downtown and walk to restaurants and shopping and there is quite a demand for this type of housing. 

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