Local family creates children's book, on sale at Diana's Bookstore.

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Elkin area residents, Madeline and her father Jay Morphis, have a special project they just completed. Together, they have created Teddy's Adventures, a new children's book that they wrote and illustrated together. Living in the country provides lots of fun things to do on sunny days, but on rainy days, Madeline found she liked to draw. 

At age 7, her favorite stuffed animal was a pink bear named Teddy. Teddy followed Madeline everywhere, and soon she and her dad noticed Teddy was always on the floor nearby. Jay asked his daughter one rainy day how she thought Teddy got there, and they decided that Teddy must go on some big adventures when they were not looking. So, they began drawing pages full of adventures with Teddy as the main character. Over the course of a few rainy weekends, Jay and Madeline created many fun drawings of Teddy's adventures and started a notebook of their drawings together.

Madeline liked to show her notebook to friends visiting the house, and after a few years and many suggestions that they should make a book out of the illustrations, this year they decided to give it a try. With help from Kimberly Seipel-Parks, who scanned their drawings into digital images, they were ready to send them to a publisher. Now, they have a new book on sale, which is a perfect gift for elementary school children who love adventures. 

Madeline is now 10 years old and has big ideas for future books. She and her dad are ready to begin drawing new adventures for Teddy that could be limitless. If you are interested in purchasing Madeline's book, you can find them for sale at Diana's Bookstore in Elkin, and Pages Bookstore in Mount Airy. 

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