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Elkin businessman, Steve Royal, runs for NC Treasurer

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Saturday, April 28, 2012, In : Elkin residents make news 

Steve Royal is a local Elkin businessman and accountant who has decided to run for North Carolina Treasurer. He is a registered Republican, but that is not what's important. Many times people are too concerned with a label or get taken in by a flashy campaign, and they fail to look at the person, their qualifications, and what they are really passionate about. Many politicians are just that, nothing more than a figurehead without the experience needed. However, Royal is very concerned about t...
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Down the River Road, contributed by Steve Martin (recalls Elkin from his childhood days)

Posted by Laura Gaylord on Saturday, December 31, 2011, In : Elkin History 
The title of this column comes from the first book that I remember reading. Down the River Road was one of the Alice and Jerry series of books (sorry, no Dick and Jane for me), and while I am almost positive it was in the first grade that I read it, most listings on the internet that I’ve seen say it’s a second grade reader. And no, since I am a notoriously slow starter, I am not saying I was reading above my level. More likely, my memory is just being particularly tricky. 

Little did I kn...
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